Leicestershire street light scheme extended
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By April, 1,960 street lamps will be dimmed or switched off in Leicestershire as part of plans to save cash and cut carbon.

The move is the latest stage of Leicestershire County Councilí»s plan to cut £700,000 from its £3 million street lighting bill and reduce carbon emissions by 3,000 tonnes each year.

Since the project was launched last year, the plug has already been pulled on 90 lights. In addition, over 3,000 lamps in 25 villages go off between midnight and 5.30 am and another 29 villages are set to get on board in the coming months.

Lesley Pendleton, County Council cabinet member for environment and transport, said: í░Dimming lights beside main roads and switching off others that arení»t needed saves money and reduces energy costs and pollution.

í░Before changes are made to any street lights, every potential site is assessed thoroughly and consultation carried out with the emergency services and the councilí»s accident unit.

í░The vast majority of feedback has been positive and although we do recognise there may be public concerns about switching off street lights late at night, other councils have adopted this approach and found that it has not led to increased crime.í▒

Speaking on these developments Nigel Parry, Technical Services Manager with the Institution of Lighting Professionals said that he understands the pressure Local authorities are under in order to save money and carbon emissions but insists that uniformity is key in street lighting. í░Initiatives to switch off every other or one in three lights should be avoided. Switching off streets during the very quiet periods of the night and after consultation in appropriate areas will be the most successful approach,í▒ says Nigel.

This article was amended on 28 February, 2011.,
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